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Break on Through by Riordan and Prochnicky is the BEST book that I have found on Jim. It is written from an objective point-of-view. They even give explanations about Morrison's influences. Really can't say enough great things about this one. If you want to understand ALL of the stories about the Doors, check this one out.

Jim Morrison: My Eyes Have Seen You by Jerry Prochnicky & Joe Russo is the perfect companion to the book above. Prochnicky has included some great photos that I haven't seen anywhere else, well over 100. If you buy only one photo book of the Doors, make it this one.

Images of Jim Morrison by Edward Wincentsen
90 page book with various pictures of Jim and of some concert posters. Many of the photos you've seen elsewhere. There are some concert posters that i hadn't seen before.

Living in the Dead Zone by Gerald A. Faris, Ralph M. Faris was written to explain in detail, how Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin, the ‘king and queen’ of rock and roll in the 1960’s, suffered from a little understood psychiatric disorder that eventually took their lives. The book is clinical in theme, lyrical in style and deeply sympathetic to the real suffering of Janis and Jim. I haven't finished reading it yet, but when I do I'll give ya my thoughts.

Under the Covers CD-ROM provides over 1,300 screens and hundreds of photos and film clips. It's about a photographer and artist who hung out with all of the mega-bands of the 60s. Includes CSN, Eagles, Buffalo Springfield, Neil Young, Jackson Browne, etc... and of course THE DOORS. You can literally spend hours crawling through this. The Doors section is cool. Gives details explaining the making of the Morrison Hotel cover. There are also some little video clips of Ray talking about the past and some pictures that I haven't seen before. The overall graphics were really awesome.

No One Here Gets Out Alive by Hopkins and Sugerman is the most popular book on the Doors. It is very entertaining. Portrays Morrison as a hero, living life from one drink to the next without a hangover or missed show......uh.... that ain't quite how it happened. Even though it's not a good factual resource, it is a great story. It tells the story that we want to believe which is just fine to this lizard king.

The audio CD version is actually decent. Danny Sugerman reads it to ya..

THE DOORS, The Illustrated History by Danny Sugerman is full of great pictures. In fact I scanned some of them for my DOORS Pictures page. If you like the pictures on my site, you'll want the book. The story is taken from various sources, mainly from Sugerman's other book (NOHGOA above).

THE DOORS, dance on fire by Ross Clarke is T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E. He has random pictures in there that make no sense and seem out of place. For exampe, he has a picture of the videotape cover from 1985. Big deal... I have the video don't need to buy a book with a reproduction of the cover. The story is not very tight either.

Riders on the Storm by John Densmore gives an interesting insight into life as the drummer of the Doors. Two words describe it --> JEALOUSY and CONTEMPT. John wanted to be king. Not to take away from his talent, Densmore was, and probably still is, a helluva drummer, but he might have thought to highly of his own talent. It takes everyone in the band to make it work. I know quite a few talented drummers who are not receiving royalties 30 years after their performing days.

Wilderness by Morrison is the first volume of Jim's writings. What can I say? It's Jim.

American Night by Morrison is the second volume of Jim's writings. This one has more of the popular stuff such as An American Prayer, the Soft Parade, and the Celebration of the Lizard.

The Lords and the New Creatures Poems by Morrison is his first published book of poetry. I found it at a used book store for $4. Printed in 1970.

Other people's reviews

The Doors - Artisic Vision by Doug Sundling. Websurfer Adrian Fuoco says, "Personally I was very pleased to read a book which dealt with the Doors as collective artists instead of a biography of the band (or Jim as is too often the case).

books I have not read but that do exist

Mr. Mojo Risin' JIM MORRISON The Last Holy Fool by David Dalton

The Lizard King: The Essential Jim Morrison by Hopkins

The Doors: The Complete Lyrics

Moonlight Drive: The Stories Behind Every Doors' Song by Chuck Crisafulli

Let me know if you have any comments you want to add about these books or review some i don't have. ---> email

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